On Tap

Dry Sparkling

ABV 5.7%.

Crisp + balanced. Back end notes of pear + stone fruit.


ABV 5.5%.

Dry hopped with a blend of citra, mosaic and cascade hops. Citrusy nose with a medley of citrus + fruity flavors.

Sour Cherry

ABV 5.5%.

Made with montmorency and balaton cherries, this cider is a little tart with balancing sweetness on the finish.

Fall Spice

ABV 5.6%.

Apple pie in a glass.

Jersey Peach

ABV 5.5%.

Hazy and unfiltered, with a hint of almonds, and made with fresh peaches from nearby Melick’s Farm.

Jersey Devil

ABV 5.5%

Watermelon, fresh jalapeño and Tajin seasoning. Sweet and spicy.


ABV 5.6%.

A distinguishable balance of lime and mint on the palate.  How can you go wrong with a Mojito Cider on a nice warm day?

Jersey Summer

ABV 5.9%.

Made from fresh local cucumbers and basil. Tastes like summer in a glass.

Jersey Blue

ABV 5.3%.

Made with fresh New Jersey Blueberries. Fruit forward with a dry refreshing finish.

Harvest Moon

ABV 5.5%.

Orange on the nose, Coriander on the finish with a little black pepper spice.

Semi Dry

ABV 5.5%.

Easy to drink. Fruit finish with notable floral + citrus aromas.


Lavender Haze

ABV 5.3%.

Made with lavender and local honey from Bernardsville. 🐝

Cider Moon

ABV 5.5%

Blood orange, fresh coriander with a subtle black pepper finish.


ABV 5.5%.

A dry cider with just a touch of sweetness from organic pineapple juice. It’s an express trip right to a tropical beach!

Hibiscus Rose

ABV 5.2%.

A touch drier than our Semi Dry. Hibiscus gives it the color and adds a layer of complexity to its flavor.

Anna’s Rhoobs

ABV 5.8%.

Local strawberry and Rhubarb. $1 from every pint sold will be donate to breast cancer research.

Jersey Roots

ABV 5.5%.

Coming Soon


ABV 5.5%.

Made with organic ginger juice. This cider has kick!

Strawberry Lemonade

ABV 5.4%.

Made with Fresh Strawberries, this cider is delightfully sweet with a refreshing lemon finish. Perfect for the warm weather season.

Tropic Thunder

ABV 5.8%.

Mango, strawberry and habenero.
Noticeably Spicy on the nose, slightly spicy on the pallet.

Gold Rush

ABV 6.3%

Hazy unfiltered dry cider, made with local Gold Rush apples from Alstede farm.

Jersey Blackberry

ABV 5.5%.

Made with Fresh New Jersey blackberries. This is one of our drier ciders, very light and easy to drink.

Immune Booster

ABV 5.6%.

Contains organic ginger juice, organic turmeric juice and chamomile. Bold, earthy flavor.

Cider Mule

ABV 5.5%.

Burnt Mills Cider’s version of the Moscow Mule. We blend our cider with organic ginger juice and lime.  

The Hunt

ABV 5.5%.

Fresh-pressed apples, fresh NJ cranberries, pure cane sugar, chai tea, and natural flavors.

Jersey Maple Bourbon

ABV 6.9%.

Barrel-aged cider blended with local maple syrup. Strong bourbon and maple flavors with notes of vanilla and caramel.

Orange Pearadise

ABV 5.6%

Made from Asian Pear, aged with real oranges and dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria Hops. A refreshing addition to our Burnt Mills hops series.

Jersey Red

ABV 5.5%

Our cider and fresh cranberries! Tart and drier than our Rose.

Raritan Headwaters

ABV 6%.

Named for our friends who do great work at the Raritan Headwaters Association, this cider has cucumber and mint — tastes like springtime!


ABV 5.5%.

Tart and Jammy, collaborated with King Willy to bring a taste of England to this side of the pond.